Upcoming Events for Kat’s Fantasies, British Columbia’s Hardcore Swing Club

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Once you join you can attend any of our events!! Simply RSVP to katsfant@gmail.com along with your first name/s and event date.

We book you in and send a confirmation email with the address, directions, contact number, parking information, dress code, what to bring & when to arrive.


We offer the following sexciting themes:


Greedy Girl Event – Our most popular event! Multiple men for the ladies with a 2:1 male to female ratio or higher. Ratio is usually 2:1, on rare occasions up to 2.5:1. Our classy well organized Greedy Girl nights are for ladies & couples who truly love the multiple men experience and the men who want to be part of pleasuring a woman beyond her wildest dreams! First timers & experienced welcome. There is never any pressure to participate and NO MEANS NO. Guests play if, when & however they choose. Ladies can pick & choose their ‘dream team’ and enjoy a private room or the most adventurous can rock the open room. This amorous affair is best suited to those who appreciate extra single men mixing & mingling with lots of couples & straight and bi single ladies. This event is held once or twice per month on a Saturday night from 8 pm – 2 am.

Fuck Me Friday  Fabulous way to wrap up your work week this event is open to couples & singles who are ready to party. Ratio is usually 2:1, on rare occasions up to 2.5:1. This event is held once time per month on a Friday night from 8 pm-midnight.

GBX – The GBXperience – a professionally organized gang bang held in a safe & controlled environment. Two to four ladies per event hand pick their dream team by handing out coloured wristbands. Single men invited accordingly based on the number & type of men the ladies seek. Never any pressure to participate however this event is specifically geared to women that are goers and ready to rock it and men that can perform with ease in a group situation and are eager to be an integral part of this mind-blowing experience. A to a 3:1 male to female ratio, or greater, can be expected. This event is held every few months on a Friday or Saturday evening either 8 pm-midnight or until 1 am.

Bi Nights – Welcoming bi and/or bi-curious men, women and couples. Bi-friendly partners welcome. Feel the freedom as we welcome bi-play between men in the orgy room on this night as well, which is not the norm at any of our other events. A to a 2:1 male to female ratio or higher can be expected as the focus of this theme tends to be on the men but we always have ladies in attendance. This event is held once a month on a Friday 8 pm-midnight or Saturday 8 pm-2 am.

Cougars & Cubs – This special event is for single ladies aged 35+, single men aged 19 – 40 and couples where the lady is 35+ and the man is any age over 19. Mainly singles but we will welcome a few couples (based on ratio) where there is no restriction on the male part of the couples age other than being over 19. All guests must meet age requirements. Ratio is usually 2:1, on rare occasions up to 2.5:1. This event is held once a month on a Friday from 8 pm-midnight.


Whether you seek a couple, a unicorn (single bi lady), a bi guy, one guy, five guys or a group sex scene…

…Kat’s is THE place to be!