If you are new to the lifestyle or haven’t partied with us before you may have some questions. These are our most popular FAQ’s. Look them over and see if they address your concerns. If not, feel free to email us with your questions and we’ll be happy to respond. Be sure to read the FAQs, RULES and ETIQUETTE pages before submitting your questions.

Who can attend a fantasies party?

Fantasies welcomes friendly, down to earth people who are fun, open-minded and have great social skills and manners. Due to the high number of single male applicants we have further criteria in place and only those that suit our club the best will be accepted.

What ages will the guests be?

We accept ladies and couples 19 + and single men 19 – 55. At the owner’s discretion, certain youthful single men over 55 may be invited under special circumstances. Please enquire. Each party is different but our main age range tends to be couples & single ladies 35 – 50 and single men 25 – 45.

I fit the description above! How do I apply?

To apply for your membership please go to the JOIN page and follow the instructions. To start the process, simply express your interest by submitting the requested details along with a recent photo and we’ll get back to you. All potential members must pass a short screening process which is in place for the security of all our members.

What does a membership cost?

Membership is free but a per party set donation is collected to cover costs.

What does it cost to attend a party?

Donation amounts vary depending on the event and are clearly posted with each event listing.

Single Ladies $20 unless otherwise posted. Ladies donate at the door only.

Couples & single men may donate in advance for Fuck Me Fridays, Bi Night & Greedy

Girl Events and save $20. Cut off for advance donation is Monday @ midnight the week of the event unless otherwise posted.

Advance Donation:

Couples – $40 for Fuck Me Fridays & $50 for Bi Night & Greedy Girl Events

Single Men – $50 for Fuck Me Fridays & $60 for Bight Night & Greedy Girl Events

At the Door Donation:

Couples – $60 Fuck Me Fridays & $70 for Bi Night & Greedy Girl Events

Single Men – $70 for Fuck Me Fridays & $80 for Bi Night & Greedy Girl Events

Hump Day Happy Hour Play Parties: Ladies $20, couples $30 and single men $40 at the door only.

Sunday Afternoon Delight: Ladies $20, couples $30 and single men $40 at the door only.

Cougars & Cubs: Cougars $25, cougars & cub couples $60 and cubs $50 at the door only.

GBXperience: Wednesday: Ladies $40, couples $50 and single men $60 at the door only.

Weekends: Ladies $40, couples $60 and single men $80 at the door only.

Meet & Greets, pub nights and special events will have different pricing and the donation amount will be clearly posted with the event listing.

These donations are collected to cover the cost of venue rental, amenities, food & beverages, staff, cleaners advertising and administration.

What does my donation include?

Entry into the hottest sex party in town!

A chance to meet, mix, mingle & play with sexy like minded people who are looking for the same type of fun as you!

Use & enjoyment of our comfortable and well appointed venue featuring dance floor, DJ, pool table, 2 private rooms and a large orgy room with a sex swing and our famous ‘wall of porn’!

Two ‘no play’ socializing areas!

Condoms & lube!

Multiple massage tables and oils!

Complimentary coffee, tea, filtered water, ice and light munchies.

Friendly, caring, dedicated host & staff to help make your night the best it can be!

An enjoyable evening at a safe, well screened, professionally organized, no pressure event!

All you need to bring is your favourite beverage, an open mind and a good attitude.

What goes on at a party?

It’s just like a house party where you can mix and mingle with other like-minded couples and singles. There is never any pressure to participate. If you’re adventurous you may wish to have some fun in one of the rooms or watch others do the same in the open room. You can expect a group of nice, friendly, social people. There will be a mix of first timers and the more experienced partygoer. Feel free to move at your own pace in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Play is off limits in the common areas such as lounge and bar area so you will not walk into a room full of people having sex! There are many play areas, one open and two private, for fun. You can enjoy the rooms, watch
others or meet new friends at the party and go elsewhere with them if you so decide.

You can partake as little or as much as you like ~ it’s totally up to YOU.

How many people will be there?

You can expect anywhere from 20 – 75 depending on the event. The norm is 30-40 and 40-55 at the Greedy Girl Events.

Will there be bi action?

Bi action between the ladies is always welcome. Bi men are welcome to be members and attend but there will be no bi action allowed between men in the orgy room except on Bi Night. What goes on in the closed room is your business but keep in mind that if you’re male and your main interest is bi play then be sure to attend our special Bi Nights. Be sure to pick up a bi bracelet at the check in desk to show others your interest at all our events except Bi Night where everyone is bi or bi curious/friendly.

Where and when are parties held?

Our classy events are held in our upscale venue in Sexxxy South Surrey, BC.

Our Schedule:

Greedy Girl Event – once or twice a month on Saturday nights from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Fuck Me Friday – once or twice a month from 8 p.m. to midnight.

GBXperience – two to three times per month on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Wednesday Hump Day Party – once or twice a month from October to May from 7 pm –11 pm. June to September occasionally on a rainy day as permitted.

Sunday Afternoon Delight – once a month from October to May from 2 pm – 6 pm. June to September occasionally on a rainy day as permitted.

Cougars & Cubs – once a month or two on a Friday from 8 pm – midnight.

Bi Night – once a month or two on a Friday or Saturday from 8 pm – midnight, sometimes until 1 am.

Dates and times for each party will be listed on the website & members only invitation.

See our EVENTS page for full details.

Is there a dress code?

Yes!! We do not allow regular clothes once you enter our doors. Be prepared! You will be expected to change upon arrival if not already ‘dressed’. Men should dress to impress and ladies should dress to seduce and be seduced with sexxxy underwear, lingerie or skimpy, hot costumes! Lingerie is mandatory. Let your libido dictate! This is the rare occasion you may wear what you’ve only dreamed of wearing anywhere else.

Please visit the DRESS CODE page for more information.

What about safe sex?

The use of condoms is mandatory at fantasies. We encourage and promote “Safe Sex” practices by supplying condoms and lube. House rules also stipulate that condoms should be used at all times except between partners. Ultimately it is each person’s responsibility to have safe sex. Any guest trying to force others to have unsafe sex should be reported. They will be asked to leave immediately and not invited back. Kat’s

Fantasies recommends that anyone with multiple sex partners should get tested regularly.

Do people come and go during the party?

No. We do not invite guests to come and go anytime throughout the night as it interrupts the flow and also promotes having intoxicated people coming from the local bar, which we do not tolerate. We ask all guests to arrive during a designated time frame, usually 8 – 9 pm unless they have made prior arrangements. Guests can leave at any time and do not need to feel obligated to stay until closing time.

I live out of town or quite a distance from the club. Can I spend the night?

Yes. We offer private queen rooms for the very reasonable rate of $60 for up to 2 people. We also have private beds in an open area for $40 for up to 2 people per bed. We can also suggest some nearby hotels. Please enquire at time of

Am I expected to participate?

NO, you are never required to do anything sexually that you do not want to do.